the mission

The goal is to begin to homogenize beauty and better cater to all model's backstage and on set needs. There is not 1 hair type or 1 skin tone for all, we need to ensure that models are seen as the beautiful individuals that they are.


As a Modeling Agency you have the responsibility and ability to represent your models and all of their multi-fasciated attributes to potential and current clients to better protect their experience on and off set.


The study

In our recent Fashion Week Study (results seen here) we found that models of color were left to feel unseen and under-catered to when they arrived backstage to shows. According to the study 45% of the models of color surveyed had experienced arriving to show where their foundation color was not available and 66% of models said they had experience hairstylist who were unable to cater to their hair texture. We want to give beauty teams the information they need to properly tend to and staff to meet the needs of all model's natural hair and skin tones.


the numbers

See the numbers:

  • 45% of models of color have arrived backstage to find a makeup artist did not have their foundation color

  • 66% of models of color arrived to shows where their hair texture was not catered to. 

  • only 33% of models of colors have not felt discriminated against for the color of their skin. 

we need to normalize diversity in skin tones and hair textures


commit to...

Modeling & Management Agencies in signing the Equity Pledge agree to:

  • See and Embrace Differences: Include skin tone and hair texture in model stats (for comp cards, website, or internal use) by:

  • Communicate changes in style or length to clients and styling teams prior to models arrival on set to the best of your knowledge.

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